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Alaina's Fun Run Run for a Reason 2017 in Partnership with the Massillon YMCA 

Family Day in the UK

In partnership with Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal, Unique - Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group, members of the KBG Foundation Scientific Advisory Board are hosting a UK Family Day on Saturday July, 13th 2019. The event is open to all KBG-affected families who register and are willing to travel to Bristol, United Kingdom. Travel expenses are the responsibility of attendees.

Attendees will enjoy presentations specific to research into KBG Syndrome. 

Contact to register and for any questions.

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The KBG Foundation is assisting in promoting the event and not privy to all of the details. Contact for more information.

Running into its second year, Alaina's Fun Run for KBG Syndrome Walkathon

is fun for all ages and abilities!

Named for Alaina Zehnder, a darling Massillon Ohio native, diagnosed with KBG Syndrome in 2016, this Walkathon and play along, boasts live entertainment, princesses, food, games, superheroes, local vendors and let's not forget the bounce houses!

Join us for a good time to support a good cause: KBG Syndrome!

Kylie Zehnder, Chair of the Run and Alaina's Mom said:

                       "Kbg means there are struggles, there's the unexpected , screams, surgeries,                                     seizures, heart complications, behavior issues, memory issues, speech delays,                                 motor skill delays, and cognitive delays. Kbg means friendships are hard to come                               by, schooling is difficult, and sometimes understanding from the community isn't there. But Kbg also means unexpected happiness, beautiful milestones, answered prayers, strength, courage, hope. Kbg means rare, and rare is beautiful. Rare is amazingly beautiful!! Alaina's story started when God created her, he formed her perfectly imperfect. She is fearfully and wonderfully made. She may have a mutation in her DNA, but she has no mistakes. Alaina has definitely had her share of the unexpected struggles, but she shines so bright through each and every one! Kbg is rare, but it takes just one person to show support and spread awareness."

Details about the Walkathon:

  WHEN:            August 31st, 2019

                          10am - 5pm
  LOCATION:     ​Massillon Jr. High and Intermediate School

                          250 29th St NW

                          Massillon, OH 44647



                                                   and be sure to


                          ORDER YOUR SHIRTS HERE

How it works: 

Every lap you walk means money and exercise! It's a win/win. But how do you make money walking? Why, someone pays (pledges) you per lap of course. Take the downloaded forms or share this link on your social media and get your friends, family, co-workers, guy at the coffee shop you want a reason to approach, to pledge money per lap you complete. For example: 1$ per lap x 30 laps = $30. Or they can do a flat-rate sponsor for your activity. $250,000 seems about right. Just kidding. Probably. Unless they really want to sponsor you for a quarter of a million dollars, that's up to them. Can't hurt to ask.

Take your pledge forms to the Walkathon at 10am, turn them in and start your adventure!

It's that easy! But be careful: we know how to count and if you say you are going to do 30 laps then we will take your $30 dollars and for an extra $5 tell your sponsor you completed them all in record time.  

So join us on Saturday, August 31 for what may be the best Walkathon of your life! Maybe. 

​See you there because 


help The Foundation