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KBG Foundation Announces Rebrand

BALTIMORE, Maryland, April 27th, 2022  - Manchester, Maryland-- KBG Foundation, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization with international partnerships working to improve the lives of people with KBG Syndrome, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. The new logo and style guide for the foundation features bright colors and the helix of their trademarked ribbon.

 Previous Logo                                                         New Logo 

“For years, The KBG Foundation Board of Directors has been looking at rebranding to strengthen the connection between the Foundation and KBG Syndrome. This new logo makes it very clear: We are here for the KBG Syndrome Families,” said KBG Foundation CEO Annette Maughan.

KBG Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder caused by a mutation on the ANKRD11 gene, associated with a spectrum of challenges, including developmental delays, cognitive disabilities, behavioral disorders, autism, seizures, hearing loss, skeletal anomalies, heart complications and gastrointestinal problems. Most people with KBG share at least some physical traits, including a triangular face, heavy eyebrows, curved fingers and spine, and short stature.

The logo was created over the past few months as a part of the collaborative effort of the KBG Foundation’s new marketing team.  The new logo is an evolution of the previous logo and incorporates elements of bright colors.  The color palette keeps the signature red of the foundation while bringing in bright colors of blue, yellow, green and orange.  


The KBG Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing support, assisting in research programs and advocating to raise awareness about KBG Syndrome.

Press Contact:
Annette Maughan, CEO and Executive Director, KBG Foundation




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