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PROFESSOR VICTORIANO MULERO Receives THIRD KBG Foundation Seed Funding Grant

BALTIMORE, Maryland, January 8, 2023 

The KBG Foundation, a U.S.-based nonprofit

organization working to improve the lives of

people with KBG syndrome, has awarded its

third Seed Funding grant to Dr. Victoriano


Dr. Mulero is a biology professor at

Universidad de Murcia, Spain. For the past

15 years, his lab has focused on identifying

novel prognosis biomarkers and therapeutic targets for rare disease, as well as chronic inflammatory, infectious and blood diseases using the zebrafish model.

“I am thankful for the KBG Foundation’s support and the trust it places in our team,” Mulero said. “This is a great responsibility for us, and we are very happy and committed to contribute to the understanding of KBG syndrome, and if possible, to developing new therapies for patients.”

The KBG Foundation’s $10,000  grant will support Mulero’s work toward developing three preclinical zebrafish animal models of KBG syndrome harboring the most prevalent ANKRD11 variants observed in patients and to set up a platform with this model for the identification of novel drugs for treatment. The results of the project will allow the development of preclinical KBG syndrome models for the identification of new drugs with the aim of requesting its designation as orphan drugs for the treatment of this disease.

“The KBG Foundation was able to award three seed funding grants in 2022, each of which will follow a different path toward understanding KBG syndrome,” said Annette Maughan, CEO. “We are immensely grateful to all the donors who have made it possible for us to identify and help fund research into this syndrome, which can have such an impact on the people who live with it, as well as their families.”

Applications for the 2023 KBG Foundation Seed Funding grant cycle are due April 30, 2023. For information about the grant and how to apply, see the KBG Foundation website.


KBG syndrome is a rare genetic disorder caused by a mutation on the ANKRD11 gene and associated with a spectrum of challenges, including developmental delays, cognitive disabilities, behavioral disorders, autism, seizures, hearing loss, skeletal anomalies, heart complications and gastrointestinal problems. Most people with KBG share at least some physical traits, including a triangular face, heavy eyebrows, curved fingers and spine, and short stature.


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