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VOLUNTEER: If you have some spare time and like to help others, we have some work for you! Join the KBG Foundation as a volunteer. The KBG Foundation is pleased to be a recognized Presidential Volunteer Service Organization. Contact to find out about our open opportunities. 

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Wondering how you can help people living with KBG syndrome? Whether you want to help raise awareness, donate time or resources, or raise funds for research, support and a treatment, we can help! The KBG Foundation has a Fundraising Packet, Event Planning Kit and a team of very helpful people willing to answer any questions you may have.

KBG syndrome fundraising packet

FUNDRAISING: Research is expensive, and developing a treatment can reach into the millions of dollars. With our all-volunteer board you are assured that your chosen fundraiser goes to the entire KBG community. Check out some of our new and upcoming programs we offer the KBG Family and download the KBG syndrome fundraising and event planning packets to help you decide ways to fundraise and how we can help guide your efforts. The Foundation can help you achieve your goal!


SOCIAL AWARENESS: Raising awareness is one of our favorite things to do! Follow the KBG Foundation on Facebook,InstagramTwitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube and share!


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There are many ways to help people living with the KBG syndrome, some ways are easy and others require planning and resources. How you help is up to you, but know that any way you do it, we are here for you! Remember: EVERY LINK MATTERS!

DONATE FINANCIALLY: One of the easiest things to do to help is to set up online donations to assist in funding one of the KBG syndrome programs of your choice. Donations can be set up to celebrate birthdays, as a memorial, for awareness day, Giving Tuesday, or simply to get the word out about KBG syndrome! 

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