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Karen S. Ho, PhD
Principal Scientist, Translational Research, Lineagen, Inc.
Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Utah School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics

Karen is committed to practicing 'hopeful science' for rare disease. As a research scientist at Lineagen, she leads and conducts research in the genetics of neurodevelopmental disorders, looking for insights into the mechanisms that will lead to treatment strategies and drug development. She serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the 4p- Support Group, a family-run organization for individuals with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome and related disorders; she is on the Advisory Board for Rare and Undiagnosed Network; and she is the former Chief Scientific Officer of NGLY1 Foundation, founded to eliminate the challenges of NGLY1 Deficiency. She is also mom to two boys, Aditya and Rohan, whose early developmental delays and medical challenges as premature infants taught her wisdom and compassion for families facing similar struggles, and who ignited her desire to change the scene for children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Scientific Advisory Board 

Dr. Karen Ho - KBG Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Karen Ho