KBG syndrome fundraising packet

 Amazon Wish List  -  The items on this list are intended to replenish and continue the program. Items  will change as needed.

Monetary Donation - Each care package is valued at up to $75 with Care Package Program specific items and KBG Syndrome/Foundation awareness materials. Donations made to the Care Package Program will be used only for the Care Package specific items. 

The KBG Foundation is acutely aware that living with KBG Syndrome is challenging. Our Care Package Program is intended to provide comfort, care and support for families when it's needed most.  

A Care Package can be requested by the patient's guardian or a loved one when they are experiencing a challenging medical event such as illness or surgery. Care packages can be requested ONCE per calendar year. 

Each Care Package contains various items for the KBG-affected

individual and is designed to deliver a bit of fun and comfort in

their time of need.

Care package PRogram

"Giving is not just about making a donation. It's about making a difference."

- Kathy Calvin

Send a Package!

If you are interested in sending a Care Package, please fill out the form to the left and someone from the KBG Care Team will contact you as soon as possible.  If you have questions or specific requests please contact​ KBGcares@kbgfoundation.com

PLEASE NOTE: Care Packages sent to hospitals may take longer to arrive, so please keep a few things in mind when ordering: What is the expected duration of the stay? What is the hospital’s policy on packages? Sending the package to the home address may ensure more timely and accurate delivery. 

Thank you for your help with, and use of, the KBG Care Package program.

All donations to the KBG Foundation and/or the Care Package Program are tax deductible to full extent allow by law. 

Currently, these care packages can only be shipped in the United States. We are hoping to expand our shipping worldwide as soon as the shipping challenges improve.

This program has been made possible through generous donations by the members of the KBG Foundation Board of Directors.  In order to continue providing Care Packages to families, additional donations are needed.  Your generosity will help us reach more families in need of comfort and support.  Here are a few ways to help