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BALTIMORE, Maryland, September 24, 2021  -  Our newest changes to the KBG Board!

The KBG Foundation is announcing, with the heaviest hearts, the departure of our AVP of Marketing, Kylie Zehnder, our Creative Director, Brianna Dose and Board Member Anik Gibeault.

The KBG Foundation would like to thank these three individuals for their dedication and work for our families. Our board wishes them the best in their future endeavors.

We would also like to invite our board and families to welcome our new VP of Marketing, Caleb Senger, and Creative Director, Taylor Maughan, appointed to finish the terms of our departed members.

Caleb is attending McDaniel College with a major in Marketing. He has worked behind the scenes with the KBG Foundation since 2019, assisting with events, providing support, and being a passionate advocate for ADHD and KBG Syndrome. On joining the board, Mr. Senger said, “It brings me joy to see how we can connect these families with each other through this group, I hope to bring a sense of enthusiasm and unity to the KBG Marketing team.”

Throughout Caleb’s high school career, he found a love for wrestling at Manchester Valley High School, and during this period, he discovered the KBG Foundation. Mr. Senger loved working with his teammates and hopes to bring that same sense of energy to his work for our families.

Taylor Maughan is a current student at Manchester Valley High School, with a large following on the app TikTok. She is passionate about creating content online and engaging people in a happy and friendly way. Taylor has lived with her KBG brother her entire life, being a strong and fiery advocate for his awareness and treatment. She has been an accomplished artist and graphic designer for several years.

Currently a junior, and as an underclassman, Taylor was engaged with many of her schools extracurriculars activities, particularly theatre, cheerleading, and the mentor program: Sources of Strength.

“While I am sorry to see some our most proactive members leave,” Annette Maughan, CEO, said, “I understand the personal decisions to do so. Living with KBG Syndrome can be emotionally and physically very draining.” Mrs. Maughan concluded with; “At the same time, I am excited to see the enthusiasm and influx of youthful ideas the new members of our board can bring to the KBG Foundation.”

A warm welcome to our new KBG board members, and a sincere thanks to our departing friends.


The KBG Foundation is an international nonprofit affiliate organization, dedicated to providing support, assisting in research programs and advocating to raise awareness about the syndrome.

Press Contact:
Annette Maughan, CEO and Executive Director, KBG Foundation